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How The Sales Coaching Institute used Brainstorm Automate to consolidate their marketing in one place


1.   So tell us a little bit about your business and what you do?

The Sales Coaching Institute was started about 15 years ago and was an outgrowth of my love and passion for selling. I was a professional sales representative in a variety of different areas from a regional manager to a chief revenue officer and I enjoyed selling. I wanted to share that passion and my expertise and some strategies with companies and individuals around the globe.

2.   How were you doing your marketing before you came to Brainstorm Automate?

I would say Flintstones marketing. We were looking for many years for a solution that was and is Brainstorm Automate – so a CRM tool but more importantly a marketing automation tool that was specifically engineered, architected for a small business like ours. We’ve been a customer for about 3 years now. Prior to that, we were doing Constant Contact, email drips, everything was sort of a kludge. But the value that we were able to understand with an initial Brainstorm Automate trial, the scalability, and more importantly the customization – the ability to customize this solution as a marketing automation and CRM tool for our business, it’s been amazing it’s made our life easier and the ROI has probably been up 10 or 20x, just being more organized email drips and by the way, I’m not in technology sales, I don’t write code and I’m not a technologist. It is very simple to use and easy to deploy and it’s been remarkable it has scaled our business on so many levels and helped us be more organized.

3.   You mention the Flintstone analogy and the different tools that weren’t really working well for you – what was the event or incident that motivated you and your team to look for a better way to market online with your business?

Fear and frustration because if one of my team members that did my website left, they had their own style; it was very kluge. It was you know, five different tools and I saw the need to bring all those together and that in and of itself transformed – your marketing calendar, the ability to build landing pages with consistent code or a contact us form, the rich analytics that drive our decision-making and opens engagement so everything from a business intelligence to everything organized in a very easy to use way, you know the value drive for money invested

4.   What is your experience switching over to Brainstorm Automate from what you have been through in the past?

So the latest research I’ve read is that companies 100 million and above are using Salesforce as the de-facto standard with Pardot and that is very expensive. it’s not a variety of different small business tools like Brainstorm Automate and they didn’t have a stand-alone there was not one that was all that Brainstorm Automate can offer, it was more expensive so this was specifically designed for in my opinion by the due diligence we did was for the smaller medium-sized person that needs one central repository for marketing automation, lead funnels and I got multiple sites with as you know within my Brainstorm Automate solution and it’s just been amazing that it’s automated and organized and we don’t have to worry about these disparate different spreadsheets tools, and it’s all in one.

5.   How have things been different for you today and for the future moving forward?

One source of truth is that we increased efficiencies, ability to scale our digital marketing effort – the marketing calendar, organization, what drops when in what channel, cost efficiencies, ability to focus on the content and not the technology because you provide that to us.

6.   How can people reach out to you if they want to learn more?

You can give me a call at 18473 59 6969 again 1847 359 6969 is my direct mobile number or email me at [email protected] or you can visit our website salescoach.us

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