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How Needham Solutions grew their agency while improving client’s results


1.  Tell us a bit about you and what your business is about?

Needham solutions is a true one stop shop. We are a full service, marketing, design, technology and promotions company. We have solutions for everything under the marketing and creative umbrella. We focus on solo, micro and small businesses with 50 employees or less and help them to streamline their business so that they don’t have to go through multiple freelancers, vendors and contractors. They have one place to go to and we can get it all done for them.

2.  Do you focus on a specific type of vertical or is there a certain type of client you prefer to work with?

No, because of my background in the industry – I have 25 years of experience – I have worked for just about every industry out there so we are not industry or niche-specific. In fact, I’d love to meet someone who could challenge us to do something that I don’t already know. We just love small businesses because we know that they are the ones that need the most help and what we want to do is help them.

3.  What were you doing with your digital marketing stack before you started working with Brainstorm Automate?

Most likely the businesses that we were working with would come to us with whatever platform that they had. As an agency, we had to log in to a lot of different places, which was a nightmare not just for us but also for the client. So it became my goal to find a true all-in-one platform, not to just help us as an agency but really to help our clients.

4.  How did you first hear about Brainstorm Automate when you were doing your research?

I just stumbled upon it on Appsumo. I was just in the right place at the right time – thank goodness!

5.  Why did you decide to choose Brainstorm Automate after you discovered it?

I love to test things out – and I won’t resell anything that I personally have not used or tried out or that we would not use internally. I just really went in and tried to break it. But the more I looked, I found that Brainstorm Automate was everything I had thought over the past 15 years about what a platform should be. It really does have everything – from a marketing perspective it is just amazing.

6.  Can you give me some examples of the things you liked?

Just the fact that you’ve got the email, the automation, the landing pages in there…a lot of these other smaller platforms, you have to pay extra for these things and it is just ridiculous when you start adding up the costs. But also with Brainstorm Automate you throw in the social media – it is just wow. It really does everything. Another feature is the pipeline manager – I had a few clients who were very skeptical of it but now they’ve moved over to using it instead of their old CRM. They love it. Brainstorm Automate really is your lead generation and marketing all the way around.

7.  Can you describe what it has been like working with Brainstorm Automate as an organization?

They are there If I have a question they are quick to respond. I know if I have any issues they are on it and trying to figure out what happened. I also love the fact that we were able to white label it and really own it ourselves. We were able to rebrand it and resell it as a true marketing solution without having to deal with all the technology, hosting it, and so on.

8.  In what area would you say you’ve gained the most value so far?

I would say (and our clients would too) it’s that we no longer have to go into multiple places. It’s simple – we are going through one platform that does everything that we need and it just saves so much time. Time is money.

9.  Can you talk a bit about the types of features you’ve been using?

We’ve found it very useful for tracking audience behavior. For instance, in a marketing campaign, you start with a contact list, and as the campaign moves along, and because you have everything in one place, you can really see how people are responding and personalize your campaign based on that. In all it enables us to just get out there and introduce ourselves so much quicker than in other platforms.

10.        Who do you think is the target audience for Brainstorm Automate?

I would say overworked entrepreneurs who know that they still need to be marketing. They want a user-friendly all-in-one package and that is hands down what Brainstorm Automate is. You’re saving so much time. They don’t mind paying an extra few dollars per month because they know how much they’ll be saving in terms of time. They really value their time.

11.        If someone is reading this, why do you think they should sign up to Brainstorm Automate now instead of waiting?

They really need to think about how much their time is worth. How much are you paying yourself hourly and figure out how much time every day you spend logging into Facebook and LinkedIn – If you’re sick and tired of it then why wait? Why continue to do it when you know that Brainstorm Automate can save you so much time and eliminate headaches and stress.

12.        If somebody reading this wants to find out more about you and what you’re doing – where can they find you?

Check out our website at needhamsolutions.com
On there they can book a call with me (which is powered by Brainstorm Automate calendar) you can also find my email there and I’m also on LinkedIn.

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