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Customer Reviews

We’ve managed all our data and clients in one platform, automated all our campaigns, allocated more time to higher priority initiatives, and improved customer satisfaction and lead tracking to put us on target for a banner year! Brainstorm Automate complemented all our marketing efforts and made this relationship a huge win from day one.

We’ve streamlined our reporting, created multiple automated campaigns and workflows with a click of a button for any new customers coming to MDC. We’ve improved subscriber list growth by 40% per month, managed all our data in one central location over multiple departments and provided up-sell opportunities from the popups triggered to complement the buyer’s journey from the leads tracked. Brainstorm Automate has been a significant contributor to our success moving forward to the future.

My responsibility is in enabling our business through the technical integration of our systems with Brainstorm Automate. In that context, our experience has been very positive. The API is well documented and the Brainstorm Automate team is very responsive to any questions. A true partnership experience to ensure our success, not simply selling a monthly subscription.

I really like the ability to spin up an awesome, professional looking landing page quickly and easily. My organization had not utilized landing pages as much as we should have because the platform was just not as easy to use or complete as Brainstorm Automate. The automation builder is really cool as well. Very intuitive to use and it’s extremely powerful too. While the above are awesome, the best part about Brainstorm Automate is probably the people. From onboarding, to a dedicated success manager, and the live support team, everyone is fantastic and really goes the extra mile to make sure you and your team are getting the most out of Brainstorm Automate. It is far and away the best support team I have had the pleasure of working with on a platform like this.

Brainstorm Automate has the ability to assign lead scoring to all of our contacts, even anonymous ones and once you discover their names, emails, phones and other information, you can start to market to them through email, SMS messages, browser push notifications, and social media! What an amazing way to really engage your customers and to gain their trust and ultimately get them to convert into a customer! Love it!

The Brainstorm Automate campaign automation tool is powerful and flexible, with a visual drag-and-drop interface and a powerful set of rules to help drive engagement and conversions. Brainstorm Automate also has some impressive metrics capabilities. Best of all, the Brainstorm Automate team is a pleasure to work with – always there to help, usually responding within minutes via Chat and taking time not to fix a problem only but to educate.

Firstly, everything is very simple to use – from Automation to User Behavior. We have used it to create popups, collect event registrations, send email campaigns and simply monitor our customers behavior on our websites. We have a few different websites, and Brainstorm Automate can work on all of them with no need to have separate accounts for one. When we have issues, I have always been able to call an Australian local support team and either get an answer or they escalate it to the top.

I love the platform to send emails because it’s so easy to make designs and import lists. I usually have to send one email to many lists and audiences, so Brainstorm Automate makes my life easier.

I have been searching for a marketing automation tool for 18 months and none of them compared to the value, functionality and sophistication that Brainstorm Automate offers.

I have been using Brainstorm Automate since it was in Beta and love it. My team finds it easy to use, intuitive and functional. We have given feedback continuously, have seen the platform make amazing strides in a short time. We regularly communicate with the team, and make requests for features that have been implemented, and exceeded our expectations. This is a highly dedicated and responsive management and support team! Brainstorm Automate is not only intuitive but is also nicely laid out visually so it makes it easier for our team to navigate social media marketing automation for clients virtually. With Brainstorm Automate, we can run all of our campaigns from one overall place, with each client having a separate login for their own checks + balances and we can run robust reports for these clients whenever needed. Overall, this helps us save time and money, and in the long run helps us to be more efficient as an agency.

As a novice marketing platform user and new startup founder, I find Brainstorm Automate easy to use. Their staff was extremely helpful (they did everything) with the integration of my website in the platform. Customer service seems to always be available and ready to help with any situation.