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How MDC Vacuum Products increased monthly subscriber list growth by 40% while consolidating their marketing stack

  1. Can you provide us with information about your business?

    MDC vacuum products were launched in 1975. The products have various advantages which are, vacuums of shallow pressures and pure background, and scientists can use them for physics studies and experiments. Companies such as “Intel” are making semiconductor ways for tools and chips. Moreover, all of the other bits, pieces, and components are necessary to build an excellent vacuum system.

  2. Before being a VBOUT customer, how did you manage your marketing before? 

    We used MailChimp to handle only email marketing campaigns that didn’t allow us to be active on social media or to schedule campaigns, and have specified calendar features for programs and events.  We needed tips to help with our CRM data integration (Customer Relationship Management) since we didn’t have an ERP system (Enterprise Research Planning). VBOUT’s powerful tools allowed the business to have a central location to manage all our marketing campaigns through email marketing, social media, landing pages, pop-ups, and call-to-actions.  VBOUT is an effective and efficient system to store and track all your marketing initiatives in a complete contact database to understand how customers are interacting with our website and marketing content.

  3. What motivated you to start looking for a better approach? 

    We started working in MDC with 26 team members and realized that the company wasn’t putting enough effort into the marketing department. For the first six months for us working with the team, it was hard to gather all the content in the brand’s contact lists. After all attempts, the group decided to look for new marketing techniques to enhance and facilitate their work. We researched putting all our content and contact lists together under one tool and ended up with different result alternatives. HubSpot was one of the other options, but it was not impressive in terms of charging more than other systems. Interestingly, VBOUT was the top best alternative cost to try out, and we were provided with a free trial offer, which allowed MDC to make the right decision happily.

  4. How many different tools did you evaluate during your research process?

    Three to five various tools were compared and evaluated. It was challenging to assess who’s going to give us the most suitable price and help us using our MDC account. Also, customer service is significantly important to us and we needed a partner more than a software. We found everything we needed throughout VBOUT.

  5. Have you tried out the free-trial VBOUT’s offer?

    Of course, we worked on immediately creating task campaigns. We were impressed by the availability of tracking the visitors on the MDC website and then tying it into the e-commerce site. This was the exact tool that we needed.

  6. To what extent do you consider VBOUT as a win for you? 

    In the long-run, we realized how the new products were performing at the website, and we were able to view our existing contacts going into the new product pages to check them out and request for actual orders. So, by using VBOUT, we were able to capture all the customer’s click-ins impressively. It is great information to share with the CEO, the total number of clients who are engaged in buying online products from us. 

  7. What did you experience from using VBOUT in comparison with other systems?

    We tried the free trial of HubSpot and other systems. Trying these systems out was complicated and hard to use. That made us consider VBOUT as being the best system to use for its simplicity. It is the easiest to navigate because of the availability, platform layout, straightforward menu, and creating email campaigns. VBOUT provided us with creativity because it allowed MDC to edit campaigns and ads at any particular period of time. Creating campaigns via the system allowed us to post on all social media networks. In addition, the system enabled our marketing specialist to work on VBOUT’s system easily and quickly.  

  8. Can you share the marketing automation experience?

    It was so cool to engage with the customers and send automated emails, thanking them for filling out the form. It ensured MDC that customers were engaged because we gained responses from them regularly. Those automations were very helpful to use. For instance, if someone visits our page, we will get exposed to pop-ups that concern each individual’s interests. Also, subscribers’ pop-ups allowed us to get more people to join our list!

  9. Have you gained significant recall after becoming a user on VBOUT?

    Definitely, using VBOUT made the company win more customers compared to prior months. At least one to two people sign up each day, which is considered very good. We were able to grow our list and turn the unknown visitors to be known visitors. Moreover, we had access to measure and track results from that lead. 

  10. What are the tangible/intangible benefits of using VBOUT? 

    It was an excellent manner to collect credential reports that could be shared with our business audiences. Second, exports and imports are attractive features that streamlined our work and saved time knowing that before using VBOUT, we spent much time finishing tasks. Third, we have learned more about customers since each one has different needs and wants. Marketers could discover customers’ interests by seeing the clicks on the website. Consequently, VBOUT helped our company to be much more successful than before.

Courtesy of VBOUT

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