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How SpiderBox streamlined their marketing with Brainstorm Automate


1.   Can you inform us more about your business?

SpiderBox is a digital marketing agency for software organizations. We build customized software apps and support other brands’ software in the market. Our customers are from the USA and Australia.

2.   How did you implement your marketing prior to selecting Brainstorm Automate?

We were using MailChimp for handling our email marketing. Before selecting Brainstorm Automate, we have been using the Hootsuite program to manage and monitor our social media channels.

3.   What were the annoyances you faced using Hootsuite?

It was difficult to maintain our database and other contexts. SpiderBox had visual access on Facebook and LinkedIn compared to the usage of MailChimp. Hence, it was annoying to jump from one tool (such as Google Sheets) to another in order for us to track our clients’ interests. Unfortunately, four to six platforms were chosen to manage our marketing prior.

4.   What motivated you to switch from using Brainstorm Automate instead of Hootsuite?

A wide range of uncountable groups of clients within our database had requests for setting up marketing automation, and we wanted to manage our customers in a much easier way. Hootsuite software has put us across many bad situations with our clients.

We have got plenty of reviews from customers and recommendations from peers about Brainstorm Automate being the best approach for marketing management. We reviewed the recommendations and rated the users’ comments on Hootsuite’s alternatives. The suggested substitutes were HubSpot and Salesforce, but we came up with a third-best alternative result, which is Brainstorm Automate. Consequently, the comments we viewed about Brainstorm Automate tell us that they have a modern wide range of tools. We were impressed with the program’s usage since it facilitated our marketing process. We consider Brainstorm Automate a pretty natural decision for us!

5.   What marketing differences you have noticed once you were enrolled in Brainstorm Automate’s system?

We noticed beneficial differences since choosing the Brainstorm Automate lead. These changes are time-saving, availability to see data in one channel, maintain customers in one area, save them in different automation files, and schedule our social and personal business data. Moreover, the Brainstorm Automate system allowed us to share availability with our clients. It is a great bonus for us because it is user friendly! Compared to MailChimp, Brainstorm Automate has an extra value in terms of adding and editing marketing automation.


Courtesy of VBOUT

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