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How LT Commercial streamlined lead generation with Brainstorm Automate


1.   Can you tell us about the success you’ve been having with the Brainstorm Automate system?

I do commercial real estate within our brokerage firm and we have a few different divisions. The problem is when you have different divisions doing different things – it’s very hard to piece all the marketing together. We would have to use MailChimp for email and then social media scheduling on Facebook separately, and then if we need to automate some features it’s all over the place. We had to do this for at least three or four years, we tried to streamline it but it doesn’t work the same way. I discovered Brainstorm Automate through a Facebook ad. I liked the sound of the automation features but ended up putting it on the backburner – but then COVID happened. I was cleaning out a drawer and I decided that I needed to streamline and organize a little bit more – and that’s when I decided to contact you about Brainstorm Automate

2.   Why did you decide to choose Brainstorm Automate?

A small business owner like me has to juggle so many different things, not onlyfacilitating the deals or the marketing but also looking about tenants and making sure that the day-to-day running of the business goes smoothly. Streamlining things is important because you only have limited manpower. If I were to have chosen a rival company such as HubSpot, it would’ve been more expensive for me but with Brainstorm Automate, I got everything I needed in one place and at a good rate. The product also works well. Another thing I want to mention is that although I’m not very tech-savvy, I found the training process to be helpful and straightforward, you can just go in there and start doing things yourself. I love how organized and simple Brainstorm Automate makes everything.

3.   You also went through our onboarding and setup service – what was your experience like in this regard?

I have previously gone through onboarding processes and while the training is sometimes good – the follow-up support is often terrible. You end up waiting in a queue for far too long and when you are finally served, you are given a link to information online rather than actual assistance. This is all far too time-consuming for me as a small business owner. Brainstorm Automate was different because they walk you through everything step-by-step and for me, it was really helpful to be able to go back and ask more questions if I needed to, especially concerning the setup of automations. The team was very helpful with everything, it saved me a lot of time.

4.   Wow, that’s great – how do you believe that Brainstorm Automate is going to help you and your business in the long run?

I’ll tell you the truth, honestly the three thousand dollar price tag is worth every penny because trust me, to go to a university you would pay three thousand dollars for a course on how to streamline your whole company. In my case, I have a main umbrella company but I have five companies underneath and now they are all run through one marketing channel. That’s how I think Brainstorm Automate is going to help me in the long run.

5.   What would you say has been the area where you’ve gained the most value in becoming a Brainstorm Automate customer?

Again, it’s streamlining, streamlining, streamlining. I no longer have to go here and there doing this and that, it’s all streamlined now. Another feature that I like is the analytics capabilities. This means I can effectively track engagement and other metrics. I think at this point I’ve discovered about 30% of the value of Brainstorm Automate and there is still another 70% that I haven’t quite mastered yet. That’s the beauty of Brainstorm Automate- it has given me the ability to work on my business and focus on pushing sales. Once the system is set up, you just streamline it and you don’t need to worry – you can count on it to work.

6.   If somebody’s thinking about purchasing Brainstorm Automate why should they take action now instead of waiting, in your opinion?

Well for me, it’s not really about waiting – it comes down to deciding to take something that will make their lives easier. Right now, if you are frustrated with having to use separate software for marketing or tracking different companies then the obvious choice is to switch to an all-in-one solution such as Brainstorm Automate. It really can save you a lot of time so you can focus on your business instead of marketing automation. Another reason to purchase Brainstorm Automate now is because of the level of control that it gives you over everything as a small business owner – I can allow staff to have specific privileges but I can oversee what’s happening while I get on with developing and growing my business. Once Brainstorm Automate is set up and configured you don’t need to worry about it and you can focus on what matters most to you. For me, it is great because I can go back to making deals instead of worrying about my marketing system.

7.   If somebody reading this wishes to find out more about your business, how can they contact you?

We have a website at ltcommercialgroup.com where we represent our investment sales business.
We have a very professional team and we like to help other small business owners. We have a soft spot for helping small business owners because I’ve been running a small business for 25 years – since I was just 19 years old! So we always do our best to help and we know that every penny counts.


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